Sunday, April 27, 2008

Everything Is Better With Music

I hope you enjoy the beach music. We are just doing our part to get everyone ready for summer. Look out Hilton Head, here we come - well, o.k. we have a few more weeks, but who's counting? OH YEA, we are; that's right!!!!!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Kaylea Is A Happy Beachcomber!

While Kaylea was home with her "pox" she did get some news that put a huge smile on her face. We got an e-mail letting us know that her FAVORITE cousin "SJ" will be joining us on our trip to Hilton Head this summer. Kaylea was so excited; she had to tell everyone!

****Just to fill in the family tree - SJ's mom is my first cousin, Cizzy. Cizzy's mom, Aunt Shashan, is my mother's oldest sister****

Cizzy is two years older than me and we were very close as kids and teens. Cizzy lived in Kentucky and I lived in Florida, so we were loyal pen pals (yes, I am dating us - this was way before e-mail) through Jr. High and High School. I always listened to Cizzy's advise and felt like she was a sister.

Cizzy has two beautiful daughters, K8 and SJ. K8 is almost 15 and SJ is 10. Bub and I spent a lot of time around K8 when she was small. She was more like a niece than a cousin. Then when SJ came along, Bub and I were really taking notes. You see, SJ is only 10 months older than Kaylea, so I would turn to Cizzy with all of my pregnancy and parenting questions. Cizzy was the best mom I knew and I wanted to do everything just like her.

Needless to say, SJ and Kaylea have kinda grown up together. Well, as together as they could, being 5 hours apart and only seeing each other about 3 times a year. Kaylea always wants to see "her cousins". I think she looks up to K8 and SJ the same way I did with Cizzy when I was younger.

When we began planning the trip to Hilton Head, we (Auntie M, Mr. Bob, Bub and I) decided that it would probably be more fun for Kaylea (and us) if she brought a friend along. When we told Kaylea she could invite someone, she immediately said she wanted to see if her cousins could come. Kaylea hasn't seen K8 and SJ in over a year and we all agreed this would be the perfect opportunity for them to get to spend some quality time together. Well, I guess K8 decided to forgo the trip, but luckily SJ was on board.

The girls should have a blast. We are planning a day in Charleston and a day in Savannah, but other than that, they will just be riding bikes, playing on the beach and swimming for the entire week. Auntie M. has even talked about us going crabbing, which could be fun, also. Especially, when we get to eat what we catch.

Luckily, we don't have that much longer - only about 5 weeks and 7 hours until we will be leaving. I think I am going to try to figure out how to install one of those countdown clocks on the Blog, so Kaylea can always know how much longer. (It will also keep me from going insane). Now, all we have to do is just wait - oh, and start making my lists! We don't want to forget anything!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Can You Say, Stir Crazy?

I'm not so sure which one of us (Kaylea or me) is crazier. But I think we both are doing our share of stirring. God love this child of mine, but she doesn't handle illness well. She cannot stand having to stay home from school (yes, it makes summers SOOOOOO much fun). She is beginning to work my last good nerve and I am seriously contemplating sending her back to school tomorrow, chicken pox or not. We live in a small town, there couldn't be that many kids infected by her, could there?

So far she has read an entire chapter book; caught up on all of her missed school work; watched way too much tv and built a fort (jail) in her room for her and Angel. We did venture out to Sonic today, just to get a change of scenery. The people probably thought we were stalkers seeing as we sat in their parking lot for almost an hour enjoying our little feast. But, alas, we are home again. Kaylea is now in the shower (yes, at 3:15 in the afternoon) just to kill some time.

All prayers and thoughts are appreciated by both of us.

Monday, April 21, 2008

First A Flea Circus And Now A Chicken Coop

As of my last post, we were thinking that Kaylea might have come in contact with some fleas, either from Angel or the yard. Well, the "bites" have continued to multiply over the last week - not a lot, mind you, but a few new ones each day. I have thoroughly cleaned Kaylea's room; went over her bedding with a fine tooth comb; washed everything in HOT water that would fit in the washing machine; vacuumed on my hands and knees around the baseboards; and vacuumed the rest of the her room as well. All of this and not a single flea in sight; additionally, Barry and I have yet to receive the first flea bite.

I just couldn't figure out where the "bites" were coming from, so I decided it was probably best to take her to the Doctor on Monday (today). In the meantime, I spent quite awhile Saturday on the Internet looking up all sorts of insect bites and children's rashes. (Man there is some funky stuff out there - just sayin'.) I quickly eliminated the possibilities of shingles and body lice; however, I was questionable about the whole bed bug thing. So, I sent Bub to Walmart to buy a microscope so I could examine some black flakes I had collected in Kaylea's room during the cleaning process. (I know, I watch way too much CSI.) When I looked at Kaylea's crime scene - I mean bedroom samples, well they looked like the same black blobs of stuff as before, only now they were just really big. In other words, I still couldn't tell what it was.
*****Note to self: Horatio Cane didn't get his microscope at Walmart!

Yesterday, Grammy offered up a diagnosis of the mystery "bites". She said that Bub use to get similar spots when he was little and they were caused by his allergies. That gave us something else to think (worry) about. I was afraid the Doctor would want to give her an allergy test and this child is deathly afraid of any type of needle.

Kaylea went to school this morning armed with her Benedryl Itch Stick and I told her I would make a doctors appointment and check her out of school early. When we arrived at the Doctor's office the nurse seemed a little stumped when she looked at Kaylea's "bites." She took down all of the information and left us to wait for the Doctor.

When the Doctor came in she looked at Kaylea's "bites" and then confirmed that I was correct. She does not have shingles or body lice or flea bites or bed bug bites. The Doctor seems to believe that Kaylea has an atypical case of the ..........................................CHICKEN POX! Bub and I were quite surprised by this diagnosis, especially since Kaylea received the chicken pox vaccination twice, with the last one being within the last two years. The Doctor said that the bumps had the appearance of chicken pox sores and since new ones had continued to appear each day over the last week this would match the cycle of chicken pox, as well. She felt that because Kaylea had been vaccinated twice, her symptoms were not normal for the illness. Nonetheless, she said that Kaylea is contagious and we needed to keep her home from school through Thursday. Typically, the pox will develop for about a week, so we should be about done; however, if Kaylea develops any new pox tomorrow or Wednesday, we are to keep out of school through Friday. If she is still developing pox by Thursday they want to see her again, because it isn't chicken pox that she has. If that is the case they will have a dermatologist look at her.

Well my friends, now you know as much as I do. I might have a child with chicken pox and then again, maybe not. I guess the good part is that Kaylea gets a second Spring Break, but, unfortunately, she doesn't understand why she can't play outside this time.

Oh and P.S.
I bet you had always wondered why this Blog is called Curiously Kaylea. Now you know - she just gets curiouser and curiouser!!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Welcome To The Flea Circus!

Sunday, Kaylea and Angel were playing outside in the yard. They were rolling around and having all kinds of fun. Then, Monday morning, Kaylea awoke with some mysterious little red bites on her tummy and chest. I looked her over carefully and did a sweep of the bed sheets, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. I figured she had been bitten by something while playing in the yard the day before.

I treated her itchy spots with Benedryl gel and sent her to school. We have been watching the spots the last few days and they have not spread, but they have not gone away as of yet, either.

Today, while I was playing with Angel I found a flea, yes just ONE flea, climbing on top of her fur towards her head. She had just come inside from using the bathroom. I immediately pinched the little sucker's head off (NOT Angel's - THE FLEA'S) and then proceeded to give Angel her first dose of K9 Advantix of the season.

As I was sharing Angel's adventure with Kaylea after school, she asked me, "Mom, do you think I have fleas, too?" My only response was, "Well dear, anything is possible."

Since the K9 Advantix clearly states in big bold letters, "KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN" and warns against any contact with skin, I guess I will have to come up with a different treatment for Kaylea. HMM.....I wonder if they make flea collars big enough for a 9 year-old?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Did You Know......

...the Dogwood Arts Parade is for dogs with wooden teeth. At least that is what Kaylea visualized when Auntie M. and I were talking about the parade over the weekend. Only Kaylea could come up with that one.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kaylea Is Going Green

Let me start by saying that Bub and I are BAD - very very BAD! We do not recycle; heck in our neck of the woods we do good to get the trash hauled off to the dump before it overruns the cans. You see, we don't have city trash service because we live out in the little unincorporated town that wants to big but wants to stay small. So, recycling is something that I have yet to tackle.

Kaylea has been learning about recycling at school and wants us to begin. Kaylea's teacher is encouraging the children to bring their recyclable items into class and deposit them into the appropriate bins. Well, last night we had to hang a new roll of toilet paper and imagine my surprise when Kaylea asked if she could take the old used cardboard roll to school. When I inquired as to the reason, she said, "Well, Mom, we are suppose to recycle paper and this is paper." I controlled my inner laughter and told her "yes" she could take the toilet paper roll to school. So this morning, she put the TP roll in her backpack and proudly marched it into her class. Yes, friends, my daughter is doing her part to save the planet - one toilet paper roll at a time.

P.S. I think I am going to put out some tubs for paper, plastic and metal at home. Maybe, I can save Kaylea a little bit of future humiliation.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Everything Is Just Ducky!!!!!!!!!

As I mentioned before, Kaylea is the princess of fashion. And, if you remember, she has outgrown almost everything in her closet. Normally, I eBay her clothes, but I am a little peeved at them right now because of the changes they have made to the feedback system. So, I did a little research on the internet and found the Duck-Duck-Goose website. This is a HUGE children's consignment sales right here in Knoxville. Luckily, I found the site early enough to get all of Kaylea's stuff in the sale (all 150+ pieces). So, all of you local readers out there, the sale runs Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday from 10 - 8, AND Monday is 1/2 price day on qualifying items. If you want some good deals on gently used children's clothes, I would recommend coming out and taking a look around. I know I'll be there!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Extreme Makeover - Puppy Edition

Today, Angel went to the dog groomers for her Spring haircut. She has shed her winter coat and is ready for the beach, also. Just take a look see.

Angel looking more Poodle(ish) in her long fluffy winter coat.


Angel looking a little more Schnoodle(ish) with her snazy new cut.

Look out cousins, Lulu and Mabel. The "Rat Dog" has returned!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Life In Kaylea Land

Things are crazy, as usual, in Kaylea's little corner of the world. The child is involved in so many activities, it makes my mind spin. She has chorus at school 2 mornings a week; Girls Scouts every other Tuesday; Handbells and Church Choir every Wednesday afternoon; Karate every Wednesday evening; and Art Classes every Thursday afternoon. WHEW! (You can't tell me that my child wouldn't be adversely affected if I returned to the regular working world.)

More important than the extra-curricular activities, we are currently trying to get her prepped for the Terra Nova (TCAP) Test. This is the year end standardized test that is administered by the school system to track the progress and academic level of the students. Personally, I hate these tests! Last year, Kaylea didn't do as well as we thought she would/should. Bub and I were a little shocked when we saw her results. They weren't bad, but mostly just in the middle percentile. With the excellent grades that she brought home on her report cards last year, we were just assuming that her test scores would be in the upper percentile. Her teacher, Ms. W., was a little surprised, as well. Ms. W. said that Kaylea just might not be a good test taker. Well, if that is the case, we are in for a long road ahead. Unfortunately, as all of you are aware, our educational system uses "tests" for the primary method of evaluating a child's learning. If the child knows the material, but doesn't test well, the grades are an inaccurate reflection of comprehension and knowledge. Seeing as I can't single handedly change the philosophy and practices of the entire educational system, I suppose we might need to invest in some study skills classes for Kaylea in the future. Can you say, "Hello, Sylvan!"

After TCAPS are completed, it is pretty much a downhill ride for the rest of the school year. There will only be six weeks left and those weeks will be filled with parties, field days, field trips and other special activities. It is hard to believe that the school year is almost over. We are cutting Kaylea's school year short by one day so we can head out of town to Hilton Head the first week of June. All of us are starting to get excited about the trip. We can almost hear the beach calling our names. It should be a nice and relaxing way to end the school year and begin the summer.

Now, I guess it is time for me to start researching some summer programs to keep Kaylea busy and away from the TV for the remaining 10 weeks of summer vacation. So far, we are considering a reading program at UT; an art camp; continuing with karate; and a summer reading program at the library. Oh, and of course, there are the Kid's Summer Movies at Movies on the Parkway and we have our Dollywood and Splash Country season passes. I think I will be able to keep her entertained, how 'bout you? If any of you have any additional suggestions, I welcome all of them! I am always looking for new things to try out.

Now that I have made you conscious of the fact that there are only 6 weeks left until summer, go day dream about your vacation(s)!