Friday, August 28, 2009

Magna Cum Grocer

With our move to Florida, many important decisions have been necessary. You know the ones I speak of:

  • What Doctor should we use?
  • What Dentist is kind and gentle?
  • Where should I get my hair done?

BUT, one of the most important questions was:

  • What school should we send Kaylea to?

In Tennessee, this wasn't really an issue because there was only one school in our small town; therefore, the county pretty much made the decision for us. But, down here it is totally different. We could send her to the nice little neighborhood school, for which we are zoned. We could choose to send her to one of the many magnet schools that cater to your child's academic interests. We could send her to one of the private schools. Or we could send her to an open enrollment, "school of choice."

All of these choices were quite mind numbing. We carefully weighed each option and tried to determine the best school for Kaylea. The neighborhood school, Dixieland Elementary, would normally be a very viable option, but we don't anticipate staying in this school district for the entire school year; therefore, Kaylea would have to change schools again mid-year. The magnet schools are fabulous, but we would have to apply for Kaylea to attend them, and people have been on waiting lists for 2 - 3 years to get in. The private schools are a nice option, also, but unfortunately we don't have an extra 7k to spend on tuition. So, we opted for the "school of choice." We feel we made the right decision because regardless of where we eventually buy a house, Kaylea will be able to remain at the same school.

One of the catches to sending her to the "school of choice" is that the school buses only pick up children that are zoned for the school. So, I am traveling 20 miles round trip, twice a day to take Kaylea to school and then pick her up. I don't really mind the drive because it gives Kaylea and me a little bit of time to talk and share all the important things that are going on.

I do have to say, living in a town with so many schools is hard for Kaylea to grasp. In the morning and afternoon when we are making our voyage across town, she sees many different school buses and always asks me, "Which school do those kids go to?" Of course there is no way of knowing, so I can only guess depending on which school we are close to. One morning as we were pulling out of our neighborhood, she saw a school bus and asked, "Mom, do those kids go to that Winn Dixie School that I was supposed to go to?" I was a little confused at first and then I realized, she meant Dixieland School. I couldn't help but laugh. I guess she was probably glad that we didn't send her there; after all, she wants to grow up and be a doctor not a grocer.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Daddy's Birthday Dinner

Tonight, Kaylea was finally able to make a birthday dinner for her Daddy. She had studied the latest edition of Taste of Home's Fun Food Magazine, and dog eared numerous pages, just trying to find the perfect meal. There were so many choices and she really had trouble deciding. She even gave the magazine to Bub, and had him look through it. After all, it was his birthday and she was going to allow him to have some say in his meal. After much contemplation, she decided to prepare the Meatball Pizza and Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cup S'mores.

Of course, I had to lend a hand with the oven, but other than that she made the entire meal all by herself. It was very tasty and she and I had a nice time in the kitchen. When I was growing up, these were the things I had always imagined doing with my daughter. So, I guess Bub wasn't the only one that received a gift from Kaylea this evening.