Saturday, May 16, 2009

Moths and Balls and Other Stuff......

Yes, I am still here. I know I haven't posted anything in several months, but life has gotten in the way. For some reason, I just haven't had the time or inclination to write anything. I'm sure it is just a phase that will pass. Maybe when life settles down and things return to normal (or as normal as they can be at our house) my focus and creativity will return. For now though, I guess the entries will be as sporadic as the thoughts that run through my head.

I will stop with my excuses now, because as you all know, this blog isn't about me, this blog is about Kaylea. I will, however, say that Kaylea is growing up and hasn't been giving me as much material as she did in the past. But, it just so happens that we had two hum-dingers that came out this past week. Since I found myself saying repeatedly that these have to go on "The Blog", I decided to put them in print. So here they are (for all two of our readers that have hung around).

First, Kaylea's Grammy told a story the other night that I had never heard before. She said several years ago, she and Pappy took Kaylea to our local KFC for dinner. They walked up to the counter to place their order and Kaylea studied the menu very carefully. While Kaylea was trying to decide on her menu selection, Grammy ordered the "Sr. Buffet." Then Pappy stepped forward and ordered the "Sr. Buffet" also. Kaylea was still having a hard time making up her mind. Grammy tried to help her out by suggesting the chicken strip dinner. Kaylea shook her head, no. Then Kaylea stepped up to the register and told the clerk, "I'll have the Sr. Buffet, also." Grammy said the man behind the counter bent over to hide his laughter, but then regained his composure and quickly apologized for his rudeness. Grammy told him, "It's ok, Kaylea makes us laugh all the time."

Next, this past week, Auntie M and I were unloading more yard sale items into the garage. The items had been in Auntie's attic and basement and smelled a bit musty. During all of the unpacking I commented, "I keep smelling moth balls," to which Auntie replied, "well, I don't know why." Then Kaylea pipes up and says, "WELL, I did see a big moth in here a few minutes ago." DOINK!!! I thought Auntie and I were both going to wet our pants. Bless her little heart!