Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

Tonight will be a Halloween to remember. Kaylea has always loved this night so much, just like her Mom. She has always been one to start planning her costume during summer vacation, just like her Mom. She loves to pull the big boxes of Halloween decorations down from the attic and "haunt" the house up real good, just like her Mom.

Yes, this year is no different with only one exception. No, it's not the pumpkins; they (both of them) are carved and sitting on the porch. No, it's not the candy; it has been bought and is sitting in it's Frankenstein basket. No, it's not the dog's costume; Angel has been outfitted with an Underdog shirt and cape so that she can save the day. No, it's not Kaylea's costume; the scarecrow's overalls, shirt, boots and bandanas were bought weeks ago.

So, how is this year so different you ask? Well, this is the year that Kaylea will remember for a lifetime, because this is the year that Halloween will pass her by without her being able to partake. You see, Kaylea decided she would roll the dice and gamble on getting caught when she told Bub and me a BIG 'ol whopper of a fib. Well, let's just say that Lady Luck wasn't Kaylea's friend and she got busted!

So, tonight will not be one of candy collecting , fun and frolick. Oh no, tonight will be one spent at home reading or maybe doing some laundry. I'm sure Kaylea will be doing a lot of whining, complaining, moaning and groaning, just like her Mom! And not even UnderdogAngel will be able to save us!(ya know, this parenting and teaching lessons stuff really sucks sometimes, but a Mom's gotta do what a Mom's gotta do.)

P.S. I'm really trying to be strong and stick to my guns on this one, but it's hard!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The "F" word - Now and Then


Yesterday Bub and I received quite a shock when we opened Kaylea's school agenda and found this note from her teacher, "Kaylea said the 'F' word 'f_ _k' today. A student heard her say it and then started telling the other students in the class. I asked Kaylea if she said it and she said, 'yes.' She said that her aunt and dad say this word a lot"

Bub and I were quite stunned and confused after reading the note. But before I go any further I must say that I am the last parent you will ever hear saying, "NOT MY CHILD -- SHE WOULD NEVER DO THAT!" There have been very few things that Kaylea has done in her life that have truly shocked me, but I have to say, this was SO NOT Kaylea. She has always instictively known which words were "bad" and has never spoke one. Second, Bub does NOT say this word either. It is one that we do not use. Now Auntie, yes she has been known to drop the "F-Bomb" when she gets a little over passionate about her topic. But, Kaylea has always known that this word was totally inappropriate. Needless to say, we wanted to find out exactly what happened; what was said; when it was said; etc.

I immediately drove to the church and got Kaylea and brought her home for the formal inquisition. Upon receiving the third degree, this was Kaylea's side of the story, "The word was written in K's (her friend) locker. K pointed it out to me and I only read the word out loud. I didn't say it; I only READ it, and you know I always read out loud, Mom! Then when Mrs. T. asked me about it, she didn't let me explain. She even shushed K when she tried to explain. Then she asked me who in my family says this word."

Obviously, we had a pretty legitimate explanation from Kaylea, so I wrote a note to her teacher explaining Kaylea's side of the story (since, obviously she hadn't been given that opportunity yesterday). In my letter I asked Mrs. T to verify that the word was in fact written in K's locker because Bub and I wanted to make sure Kaylea was being honest before we decided what type of punishment would be appropriate. I, also, went on to explain that contrary to what Kaylea said yesterday, this word is not one that we use freely in our home.

When I picked up Kaylea from school today, I immediately asked her what happened when Mrs. T. read my letter. Kaylea said that Mrs. T. asked her and K if the word was written in K's locker. Both girls said, "yes!" Then Mrs. T. took the girls to K's locker and looked for herself. Of course there is was staring back at her, blinding her with its vulgarity. Mrs. T.'s only response was, "Well, I will notify the office and have this removed from your locker." Nothing else was said or done. I didn't get a response to my letter, nothing! I can't believe that she would take the time, as the kids were getting packed to go home yesterday, to write this note letting me know that my child dropped the "F-Bomb" and corrupted all of the kids in the class, yet she can't find the time in a whole entire school day to write me a quick note to let me know that my child was being honest in her explanation about what happened.

To say that I am a little miffed would be quite an understatement. For some reason I am thinking that this is going to be a LONG year.


Kaylea was in Kindergarten and her class was lining up for lunch. A little boy came running up to me and said, "Ms. J., Kaylea said the "F" word." Again, I was in shock, but the wide eyed little boy had me convinced that my little Kbug had spent one too many days with her Auntie. I immediately went up to Kaylea and asked, "What did you just say?" To which I got the typical 6 year old response, "Hugh? Idunno?" I got eye to eye with her and said, "Brady said you just said the 'F' word. What did you say?!?" Kaylea got a real confused look on her face and said, "Fart?" I swear I almost lost it and ya know I remember thinking at that moment, if "fart" is the worse "F" word that my child ever says, I will be pretty lucky!

Man, I wish we could go back to Kindergarten.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Futon, Tufon or Tofu???? Kaylea Was Confused

We decided to buy Kaylea a new bed with out BIG yard sale earnings. After much deliberation we decided that a trundle daybed would be the ideal bed for Kaylea's room. When she has friends over, she can wheel out the trundle and both girls will have a nice cozy bed of their own. When only Kaylea is sleeping in the room (which is how it is most of the time) the trundle will be out of sight and out of the way.

Today, we began our search and while we were browsing Kaylea pointed to a Futon and said, "Oh, that's one of those Tofu beds! I really like them!"

I swear I almost peed myself I laughed so hard.

Kaylea took a ride on the turnip truck and obviously fell off.

Saturday morning we were getting ready to open up the Yard Sale for the day and Kaylea was helping out. She told us she would carry the phone out to the garage and begin organizing a few things. When she came back inside she announced, "Grammy called and asked if I wanted breakfast from McDonalds." Bub and I just looked at each other rather perplexed because we had not heard the phone ring. When we questioned Kaylea she insisted that her grandmother had just called a few moments ago. We then asked her, "Are you sure you didn't call Grammy and ask her to go to McDonald's for you?" Kaylea again insisted, "No, Grammy called me." So, I simply walked to the phone and checked Caller ID where I found NO call from Grammy. When confronted with this information, the child confessed to calling her Grandmother and asking for a breakfast delivery from McDonald's.

Bub and I just looked at each other dumbfounded. First, why would she just make up a story out of the blue like that? Second, does she really think we are that stupid? We came to the conclusion that either Kaylea thinks we just fell off the turnip truck or Kaylea just fell off the turnip truck. I tend to believe it is the latter of the two.

Let's just hope that her lying doesn't get any better when she is a teenager. She is just ditsy enough for me to stay one step ahead of her.