Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

Tonight will be a Halloween to remember. Kaylea has always loved this night so much, just like her Mom. She has always been one to start planning her costume during summer vacation, just like her Mom. She loves to pull the big boxes of Halloween decorations down from the attic and "haunt" the house up real good, just like her Mom.

Yes, this year is no different with only one exception. No, it's not the pumpkins; they (both of them) are carved and sitting on the porch. No, it's not the candy; it has been bought and is sitting in it's Frankenstein basket. No, it's not the dog's costume; Angel has been outfitted with an Underdog shirt and cape so that she can save the day. No, it's not Kaylea's costume; the scarecrow's overalls, shirt, boots and bandanas were bought weeks ago.

So, how is this year so different you ask? Well, this is the year that Kaylea will remember for a lifetime, because this is the year that Halloween will pass her by without her being able to partake. You see, Kaylea decided she would roll the dice and gamble on getting caught when she told Bub and me a BIG 'ol whopper of a fib. Well, let's just say that Lady Luck wasn't Kaylea's friend and she got busted!

So, tonight will not be one of candy collecting , fun and frolick. Oh no, tonight will be one spent at home reading or maybe doing some laundry. I'm sure Kaylea will be doing a lot of whining, complaining, moaning and groaning, just like her Mom! And not even UnderdogAngel will be able to save us!(ya know, this parenting and teaching lessons stuff really sucks sometimes, but a Mom's gotta do what a Mom's gotta do.)

P.S. I'm really trying to be strong and stick to my guns on this one, but it's hard!


Memommy said...

Who ever said being a Mom was easy?Just ask me.She will become a beliver ,didn't you????? You will become the strong authoritive Mom instead of her best friend. She needs that.
Love both of you, MeMommy

Jennilu said...

Yes, but I want to be both. Hopefully, I will find a way.

Luv u 2

overtly trite said...

hang in there! Parenting doessuck some days heck C only got halloween just under the wire to the point that costume was only purchased yesterday!

Anna said...

Uh boy...fibs. I told a whopper when I was 10 years old (told classmates I knew Duran Duran personally). Hope you made it through okay...did the fib have to do with the post before?