Monday, October 13, 2008

Kaylea took a ride on the turnip truck and obviously fell off.

Saturday morning we were getting ready to open up the Yard Sale for the day and Kaylea was helping out. She told us she would carry the phone out to the garage and begin organizing a few things. When she came back inside she announced, "Grammy called and asked if I wanted breakfast from McDonalds." Bub and I just looked at each other rather perplexed because we had not heard the phone ring. When we questioned Kaylea she insisted that her grandmother had just called a few moments ago. We then asked her, "Are you sure you didn't call Grammy and ask her to go to McDonald's for you?" Kaylea again insisted, "No, Grammy called me." So, I simply walked to the phone and checked Caller ID where I found NO call from Grammy. When confronted with this information, the child confessed to calling her Grandmother and asking for a breakfast delivery from McDonald's.

Bub and I just looked at each other dumbfounded. First, why would she just make up a story out of the blue like that? Second, does she really think we are that stupid? We came to the conclusion that either Kaylea thinks we just fell off the turnip truck or Kaylea just fell off the turnip truck. I tend to believe it is the latter of the two.

Let's just hope that her lying doesn't get any better when she is a teenager. She is just ditsy enough for me to stay one step ahead of her.