Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Needs vs. Wants

For all of our readers that are family members, you have already heard this story. It is such a good one, though, that is deserves being repeated.

A few months ago, Daddy went to pick up Kaylea at school. He was giving her the usual third degree about her day and getting the usual responses. You all know the dialogue:

Daddy says, "How was your day?"
Kaylea's response, "ok."
Daddy asks, "What did you do today?"
Kaylea's response, "Nothing."
Daddy says, "You had to learn something."

Then he starts questioning her subject by subject. When he got to Social Studies, he finally struck gold. She actually remembered the lesson in Social Studies. She tells Daddy that they talked about the difference between their needs and wants. Well, Daddy is very intrigued about Kaylea's answers.

Daddy asks, "What did you say your wants are?"
Kaylea said, "Oh that's easy! I want a plasma TV, a Wii and a fireplace screen." (I have no idea where that one came from)
Daddy said, "Ok, well, what did you say your needs are?''
Kaylea's response, "I said we needed food, clothes and plants."
Daddy was a little puzzled by the plant answer and said, "I think I would have said food, water and oxygen."
Kaylea responded in a very condescending tone, "DUH Dad, that's why I said PLANTS. Don't you know that plants take in carbon dioxide and convert it over to oxygen then release it into the air?"
The only retort Daddy had was, "Well, Kaylea, I guess I just didn't think it through far enough."

When Daddy told me this story, I almost fell over laughing. I told him that she had won and we need to surrender now.

This is an example of how our quirky little girl's mind works. She is way too smart for her own good. I have told her many times that she is a super smart girl and I am hopeful that she will use her powers for good, not evil, as she grows up. We are in soooooo much trouble ;)