Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where O Where Has My Little Girl Gone?

This time of year is so busy for our family as I am sure it is with yours. Kaylea sings in the children's' choir and plays the hand bells at church. She is also a member of Chorus at school. All of these activities have involved Christmas concerts over the past couple of weeks. As I helped Kaylea get ready for her performances, I was reminded of when she was little. Kaylea always thought is was a big deal when she was able to wear "panty toes" with her dresses. And she especially loved trying on my dress shoes and walking around the house. She would always say, just to make sure I was aware, "Look Mommy, I am wearing your 'knocking shoes'" You see, we had wood floors in the dining area and linoleum in the kitchen and she just loved the sound the shoes made as she walked across the floor.

While thinking back on these moments I realized that my little girl wasn't so little anymore. She has become a very grown-up and independent young lady. I no longer have to help her get dressed; she can now put on her own "panty toes" and "knocking shoes." Though she has grown up a lot, she still thinks it's a big deal to get dressed up and still loves the sound of her heels clumping across the floor, as do I.

Kaylea in her "panty toes"

Kaylea in my "knocking shoes"

Kaylea all grown up (well, almost)!


Auntie M said...

Where's your little girl? Oh she's right over here, sassymouth and all! Scares me too how much she's grown up... we're not really that old, are we?