Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

No, I am not referring to Christmas or Halloween or even Easter. Oh no, this is WAY BETTER!!!

!!!!!!!!!! IT'S GIRL SCOUT COOKIE TIME !!!!!!!!!
Yes, Girl Scout Cookie order taking began yesterday. don't worry though, the green vested militia won't be camping in front of Kroger and Walmart just yet. The cookies won't be here for another few weeks.
So for all of you Thin Mint fiends and Tagalong junkies get your cupboards cleared and your tummies ready. Soon you will be able to replenish your stockpile for another year.
And yes, Kaylea will be contacting you soon so that she can perfect her selling techniques. You know the ones:
  • The high pressure technique, "is that ALL, you need to buy more than that!"
  • The heart string technique, "all the other girls in my troop have sold a lot more than me."
  • The self serving technique, "Pappy you need to buy two boxes of these for me."
  • And lastly, the guilt technique; nothing said just an irresistible pouty face being made. This is probably the most powerful technique in her arsenal.

So get ready readers; here they come.

(Man o man, a girl can't get a break; I just threw out all of the leftover cookies and candies from the holiday baking. I guess I can start that diet in February, no that's Valentines. How about March, no the cookies will be here then. It will have to be April, but wait a minute that's my birthday. Oh crap, I guess I will be fat when I turn 40.)


Pappy & Grammy said...


Bring on those mint cookies, I only have one box left!!! (Oh Kaylea, you know that Pappy is a pushover - you just pick out what cookies you want, give him that little sweet kiss on his cheek and he will get them for you.)

Love ya!

Mary said...

Time to fill the freezer with Thin Mints!

Jennilu said...

Yes, and if Kaylea can be assistance she will gladly help you out ;)

nobody said...

yes my SIL has already hit us up!
Love me some thin mints. now about the pushers at the grocery store will garlic ward them off?

Jennilu said...

Unfortunately, not much will ward them off. The upside though, Tanasi Council does not like for the girls to ask people to buy cookies when they are set up in front of the stores. You know, the whole "don't talk to strangers" thing. So now the girls can just look pittyfully at you and give you the "kitty eyes"