Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Can You Say, Stir Crazy?

I'm not so sure which one of us (Kaylea or me) is crazier. But I think we both are doing our share of stirring. God love this child of mine, but she doesn't handle illness well. She cannot stand having to stay home from school (yes, it makes summers SOOOOOO much fun). She is beginning to work my last good nerve and I am seriously contemplating sending her back to school tomorrow, chicken pox or not. We live in a small town, there couldn't be that many kids infected by her, could there?

So far she has read an entire chapter book; caught up on all of her missed school work; watched way too much tv and built a fort (jail) in her room for her and Angel. We did venture out to Sonic today, just to get a change of scenery. The people probably thought we were stalkers seeing as we sat in their parking lot for almost an hour enjoying our little feast. But, alas, we are home again. Kaylea is now in the shower (yes, at 3:15 in the afternoon) just to kill some time.

All prayers and thoughts are appreciated by both of us.


Auntie M said...

But has she popped another blister? I think a shopping trip is in order, or maybe Dollywood? Yeah, Dollywood, that works! Ride the rides, see the shows, feed her sugar and let her run all over the playground thing... that's the ticket!

nobody said...

nim's island is suppose to be good

Jennilu said...

OK, Paula. Were you suggesting I send Kaylea to Nim's Island?????? That would be good ;)

Vegmom said...

Oh My.... This doesn't sound fun at all for either of you!

Best wishes on a speedy recovery, and renewed sanity!

Pappy & Grammy said...

Grammy saw the infected Princess. she didn't sound too good on the phone but when I saw her in person, she had a big smile for me. Kaylea, you and Mom have a good day now!