Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kaylea Being........Well, Kaylea

Kaylea's Grammy had a humorous story about Kaylea that she shared with me yesterday. It was so good, I thought I would pass it along.

Last weekend, Kaylea was over at her Grammy's and Pappy's house getting in some quality time with the grandparents. They all worked in the yard planting flowers and spent a lot of time outside enjoying the pretty spring day. Kaylea decided that it was so pretty outside that she wanted to go swimming. Well, she has a little inflatable pool at their house so they told her she could go swimming if she would inflate the pool. Kaylea decided to accept the challenge and inflated the pool all by herself and then she filled it with water from the garden hose. While all of this was going on, Grammy and Pappy were continuing to do their outside chores. Not long after Kaylea got the pool filled and took her first dip, Grammy saw Kaylea get out of the pool and go into the house. Then she sees Kaylea come back outside with two large plastic cups. Kaylea walked over to the pool and poured the water from the cups into her pool. Then she went back into the house and repeated the process. Grammy watched Kaylea for awhile as Kaylea continued her go inside and return with the water filled cups. Finally, curiosity got the best of Grammy and she asked Kaylea what she was doing. Kaylea replied, "Well, Grammy, the water in the pool was really cold so I am adding hot water to warm it up."

Kaylea is probably the only kid in town with a heated inflatable pool. That's my girl - always using her noodle.


Pappy & Grammy said...

AND that's our grandaughter!! Love you Kaylea!