Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Art Camp

Some of you may remember me Blogging about the art classes Kaylea was taking during the school year. Well, when school ended, so did the classes. It just so happens that her Art teacher is also an Art teacher with the school system in Knox Country, and she likes her summer break just as much as the kids. Hey, I don't blame her!

Lucky for Kaylea that Ms Jackie has Art Camp during the summer. She does two sessions, each being a week in length. Currently, we are mid-way through the first session and Kaylea is loving it. She has made colored tissue paper; clay figurines; a recycled materials project; and who knows what else. I will make sure to post pictures of the final projects.

Our next session will be in July and Kaylea can't wait. She is already making sure that she will be able to continue her art classes in the Fall. How can I say no?


Pappy & Grammy said...

Kaylea, we are so proud of you. You really have talent and you need to follow that if your heart desires.