Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Day In Charleston

Yes, we all had fun in Charleston. I don't think Kaylea and SJ were really "into" the History lesson that accompanied the Carriage Tour. Go figure, a 9 & 10 year old bored by History. (psst...I was kinda bored, too. I just won't tell them.) They did, however, think it was cool to ride in the carriage and they loved the horse, so I guess that portion of the trip was not a total loss.

Later, we went to Battery Park - or as the locals say - Batree Park. There were lots of statues of REALLY old people that they had never heard of. But they liked climbing on the cannons and connon balls.
The girls, also, enjoyed the market. Kaylea bought a little sweet-grass basket. She was so excited when she found one that she could ACTUALLY afford.

Overall, we had a good day and one that the girls will remember. Today we are off to the beach again. Yea, more sand dollars!!!!

SJ with the biggest french fry known to man. Aaron's Deli really knows how to make 'em!

SJ, Kaylea and Me as we waited for our carriage tour.

Kaylea and SJ taking a ride on the cannon.

Kaylea and SJ in front of a statue of a really old person. I don't think they noticed he was wearing nothing but a fig leaf, a sword and a shield.

All our beauties posing. From top to bottom: Miss C, Vickster, SJ, Kaylea