Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Magic of Christmas

With each passing day, I watch the excitement grow in my daughter. She can hardly wait for Christmas to get here. I remember when I was little and how the days before Christmas seemed to be the longest days of the entire year.

I think this is probably our last Christmas for Kaylea to be able to see Christmas through a child's eyes (if you know what I mean). She has asked a lot of questions, which I am answering with total honesty. I refuse to lie to my daughter, but she will have to ask the "right" question to get the answer she is really looking for.

Kaylea keeps telling me about the kids in her 3rd grade class that don't believe in Santa. So far she has argued with each one of them and been able to hold on to her belief. You see, Kaylea has had some pretty BIG requests of Santa in the past, and he has always pulled through for her, even when Mommy and Daddy weren't 100% in support of the gift ;) Let's see, there was the year that she asked Santa for a puppy - and she got Angel (even though Mommy and Daddy are allergic to dogs and didn't think she was old enough to take care of a puppy). Then, there was the year that she asked Santa for a trampoline - and she got one (even though Mommy and Daddy thought they were dangerous and she would get hurt). Because of these Christmas "miracles" Kaylea stands steadfast in her belief.

When the kids try to burst her bubble and say, "Santa isn't real; it's just your Mom and Day." Kaylea is quick to argue, "Oh yeah, then how did I get Angel? All of the pet stores are closed on Christmas Eve after I go to bed, and my Mom and Dad can't hide a puppy in a closet or under the bed. Anyway, they are allergic to dogs and would never get one for me. AND where did my trampoline come from? It was all put together and everything; they couldn't hide something that big in a closet or under the bed, either."

I do have to agree, she has some pretty strong arguments. (And then there is the whole thing about her Auntie M working at Santa's doll factory at Disney World, but that is a whole other post for a different time).

Now, this year, she is asking Santa for a Wii, which she knows is the impossible gift to get a hold of. If Santa can pull through again this year, her faith will not falter, at least until she gets back to school after Christmas break and the kids start at her again. But, just so you know, the rumor around town is that Santa was seen standing in a real long line at Best Buy with a Wii voucher in hand way back before Thanksgiving. And to quote Kaylea's Pappy, "I think he caught his death of foolishness! " ;)

Well, let's just hope that we can make it through another 3 days without a slip of tongue on our part or any sneaky peeky spying on her part. If all goes as planned, Kaylea will experience the "Magic" of Christmas, once again.


Auntie M said...

Christmas is always magic... even for dinosaurs like me! And I don't know about you, but Santa still comes around over here!

nobody said...

I think this may have been our last as well we had quite a few discussions about what other kids though-luckily Santa left a thank you note for the cookies so clearly he must have been here