Thursday, December 27, 2007

We Survived Christmas, But Will We Make It To 2008

Well, it appears that we all have survived the Christmas holiday. All of the out of town guests arrived safe and sound last Wednesday and then the games began. The days before Christmas consisted of:

  • Shopping, Shopping and more Shopping
  • Eating, Eating and more Eating
  • Wrapping, Wrapping and more Wrapping
  • Cleaning, Cleaning and more Cleaning

Then there was that whole death in the family, the many dinners and celebrations with family that doesn't come to our house, plus preparing a Christmas Eve get together for 11, a Christmas breakfast for 9, and a Christmas dinner for 13. Wow, it is amazing that we were able to drag our lifeless bodies out of bed at 4:45 am on Christmas morning to open presents.

Kaylea was thrilled when she saw that Santa pulled through once again and he had brought her the Wii that she had been longing for. Hey, he is such a nice guy that he even through in a couple of games to go with it. She got the much sought after Hannah Montana game and a Harry Potter game. Boy, he is such a swell fella! Kaylea, also, received a Zune, lots of Gymbo outfits (we luv Gymbo), and too many other things to mention. I do have to say that Auntie M and Mr. Bob get the prize for the present of the year. You know the one; it's the one that the child will not put down and plays with constantly from the time it is opened until it breaks. Well, this year, they decided to give Kaylea the redneck child's dream giftbox. It included a remote control fart machine, a can of Flarp, a whoopie cushion and a belch-o-matic. I'm telling you it was like a regular symphony around our house.....THANKS SIS!!!!

The rest of us had a good Christmas, also. Santa was very kind to all of us, too. I am just a little confused about something. In years past, we have been accused of over doing it for Christmas. So, this year we ALL decided that we were going to cut back and not buy as much. Well, you tell me, do you think we managed to stick to our plan???????

You know, it is pretty bad when you have to rearrange the furniture to accommodate all of the presents. In our defense, all of these presents are for 9 people. So, we didn't go too overboard, did we?

Now, we are still trying to recover and recuperate so that we can get ready for the New Year's Eve party that we are having. We only have to find a place for all of the new stuff; clean the filth in the house and get Kaylea's bathroom redecorated. Yeah, we started scraping paint and stripping wallpaper this morning. Say a little prayer for Bub and me. We will post photos when we finish; hopefully, it will be before the new year :)

We hope all of you had a joyous Christmas, as well. Enjoy what's left of 2007.


Missyb64 said...

You forgot that there were gifts for 3 dogs too! Several of those bags belonged to them! See, that makes it all better! Right?