Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another Story From Our Little Blondy

Bub and Kaylea had some bonding time last week while I was feeling a little under the weather. Bub was going to fix dinner for Kaylea and asked her what she would like. Well, of course, she wanted his famous chicken noodle soup. He makes it by using Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup mix and then adding spaghetti so there are lots of extra noodles. This is their little thing that they love to make and eat - me not so much, though - but to each his own.

After Bub made the soup and fixed a bowl for Kaylea she told him she needed some hot sauce for her soup. Apparently, she had watched her cousin add hot sauce to chicken noodle soup and wanted to try it, also. This was rather shocking to Bub because Kaylea won't even eat black pepper (or anything that looks like it might have black pepper in it). He told Kaylea that hot sauce is hot (thus, the name) but she was insistent. So, he got the Texas Pete and gave it to her. He just stood back and watched her give her soup several drops of the stuff. When she put the first bite in her mouth she started waving her hand in front of her face and blowing air out of her mouth. She finally swallowed the soup and then ran to the kitchen and got an ice cube. She came back and put the ice cube in her soup. After the ice cube had melted she tried another bite of her soup. She had the same reaction, then went into the kitchen and got another ice cube. She came back and put the second ice cube in her soup. After it melted, she repeated her taste test, again. Then she looked up at Bub and said, "Wow, Daddy that soup sure it hot. This is the second ice cube I have put in it and it is still too hot for me to eat." Barry just shook his head and said, "Kaylea, the soup is hot from the Hot Sauce you put in it. Ice cubes won't cool it off!"

Bless her heart!


Missyb64 said...

Hmmmm, how do you narrow it down? There's just so many stories to tell!

Pappy & Grammy said...

Well Kaylea, you tried to get me to do that with my eggs and I wouldn't - so its HOT Huh! Keep drinking that cold milk - that should help!

Love ya,

nobody said...

milk definitely! my crazy son likes hot sauce on everything-just like his daddy