Monday, January 28, 2008

Thumbs Up For Wonderworks!

Yesterday, Mr. Bob and Auntie M. gave Kaylea a reward for her awesome report card by taking her to Wonderworks (and yes, Bub and I tagged along, also) I didn't really know what to expect, especially from the looks of the upside down building that you see from the street. I guess I would compare it to Imageworks in the Imagination Pavilion at Epcot, only on a lot smaller scale. I have seen it described as an amusement park for your mind, and it really is. We all had a blast!
Kaylea loved climbing the rock wall. It was a little harder than what she is use to, though.
She did manage to make it about half way to the top. Yea Kaylea!
And, then, Aunt Missy decided to ride the Extreme 360. They strap you into a bicycle looking contraption and then it whirls you around in circles, taking you backwards and forwards and upside down. I think a better name for it would be the Barf-O-Matic!

If you don't do climbing walls or the pukey rides, there are plenty of other things that you will enjoy. They have several interactive displays such as a bed of nails you can lay on; a bubble room where you can make ginormous bubbles; an optical illusion art gallery; airplane and spaceship simulators; and the list goes on and on. It really is a great place for the entire family and you might even learn a thing or two amidst all of the fun. I am wondering why it is that Kaylea hasn't been there on a field trip, yet - hmmmm.

I would highly recommend Wonderworks to anyone!

Note to all of the Knox County readers out there - Wonderworks has Knox County Days underway until Feb 2. Basically, bring your Knox County I.D. and make a donation of a few school supplies at the door and you will get in for $10 per person (that is 50% off the normal admission price).


Mary said...

I want to go to Wonderworks!!! PLEASE!! It looks like a blast!!

Auntie M said...


You can go too! There's one in Orlando on International Drive adjacent to Pointe Orlando. It's the original one and it rocks too!