Friday, February 29, 2008

It's Jabber Jawz!

If you thought I was talking about the cartoon character then you are, OH SO wrong! This might be the original, but we have the new and improved version!

Let me introduce you to our family's version of Jabber Jaw. (Actually, we have a few in the family, but this isn't their/her BLOG.) No, no, no, the Jabber Jaw that I am referring to is my darling daughter, Kaylea.

Kaylea has always been a - well let's just say - verbally expressive little girl. She has never been one to "hold her tongue." When she was a baby she jabbered and squealed and cooed constantly. Now that she is older, we often think she just loves the beautiful sound that her voice makes as she speaks to us, and anyone else who will listen. Kaylea's great-grandmother, Nana, said that she made more noise that a clatter bone in a goose's hind end. (I am assuming that is a lot of noise.)

There has been a lot of discussion over the years as to where Kaylea's adoration and mastery of the "gift of gab" came from. It certainly wasn't from her father or me; we both are a little on the quiet side. But I will confess that I have a long line of "talkers" in my family. My Papaw LOVED to talk! He didn't really need, or want, anyone to talk to; he just wanted someone to sit and listen to him. If Papaw ever got you cornered, you knew you might as well sit back and get comfortable because you were going to be there for a while. Then, of course, there is my Dad. As a child I never really noticed that he was a talker, but now, Lord help us. We can't go to the store, Dollywood, or anywhere else for that matter, without him finding someone to talk to. We just have to walk away and let him catch up. Oh, and I can't forget the most famous family talker, my ThiThi. She is a lot like Papaw and Daddy. Growing up, I never had to say a word because Sis did all of the talking for both of us. Hell, it's a miracle that I ever learned to say a word. A few years ago, Mom and I were visiting my great-aunt, Beulah, and she just kept looking awkwardly at me as I was talking. When I finished, she looked at Mom and said, "You know, in all these years I never thought Jennilu could talk!" She was plum amazed.

Well, as you can see, Kaylea comes by her verboseness quite honestly. Yet, her Grammy still likes to put the blame on me. You see when Kaylea was a tot and going through the stretch, point, whine and grunt stage of communication, I would always tell her, "Kaylea, use your words." Now, Grammy says that Kaylea is just a good little girl and she is just doing as she was told all those years ago.


Jennilu said...

This is her father.... I will state that this is a Swann / Franklin problem.

Basically this means that the gift to gab did not come from my side of the family!!! I like expression; however, it is some time wiser to listen.

Thank you.

Short and sweet

Pappy & Grammy said...

Well, I must insert a word or two here. My dear sweet jabberjaws. I love to hear you talk. Don't listen to your daddy because your Uncle Ward (who is no longer with us, but watching from heaven) was quite a talker. When we visited his house the most we got to say was "Hi" and "Bye". So I guess you get "using your words" from both sides of the family. We love you sweetie!