Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WOOT! WOOT! School's Out For Winter Break

Yes, the little children of Sevier County are dancing in the streets.

All winter long, they have prayed for snow to no avail. The teachers have worn their lucky snow day outfits, but no luck. Shoot, I have even seen kid's on the playground perfecting their snow dance, but NOTHING!

Now, they finally have been given their days off. Unfortunately, it had to come at the expense of some very sick and flu ridden children here in the county. You see, our absentee percentage has been teetering just below the acceptable maximum for a few weeks now. Each day the Central Office was requesting the absentee reports, asap. Apparently, yesterday our sick children tipped the scale and school was called off for the remainder of the week. We were already scheduled to have winter break the 15th - 18th, so we just got two more days added on.

I would never say that anyone was glad that there were soooooo many sick kids; however, I will say I saw a lot of happy people (students and teachers) yesterday afternoon while walking the halls of the school.

To all of you sickly ones out there, I hope you get to feeling better over the extended break. We will be thinking about you as we head out for the beach! See ya!


Molly said...

I just wish it would really snow now!
Still, any break is a good break. Have fun!