Monday, May 12, 2008

Kaylea On Mother's Day

Kaylea is one of those children that gets very excited anytime a birthday, holiday or celebration comes rolling around. She doesn't believe in saving her gift(s) until the big day. She likes to begin the gift giving way in advance. I am proud to say that she approached Mother's Day with her usual zeal.

Last week, Kaylea began making me homemade Mother's Day cards. You know the ones; they are construction paper with cut-outs and doodles. All of them carried the same message, "Best Mom or #1 Mom" (Actually, she wrote "1# Mom" but I knew what she meant.) Her homemade cards are the BEST. I would much rather receive one of those than any store bought card. When she makes a card for me, I know that she is expressing her love for me in ways that a store bought card could never do.

Anyway, there was the constant stream of cards and then she began bringing Mother's Day projects home from church, Art and school. Each day I was receiving a new treasure that had been made with love from my little girl.

Once the weekend arrived, I felt like we had already celebrated, but I was wrong. Saturday, we went to a Mother's Day brunch at church. We had lots of goodies and then the girls interpretive dance ensemble performed for us. Also, the Children's Ministries Director helped the children perform a Mother's Day poem for us. It was all so touching and sweet.

Yesterday, I was awaken by the smell of coffee and the bustle of Bub and Kaylea in the kitchen. They were beginning the preparation for my Mother's Day lunch. Bub had taken Kaylea to the store on Saturday and they bought all of the food to prepare a nice meal for me. I was told to stay out of the kitchen and let them do the work. So, I obeyed my orders and just relaxed. After our yummy lunch (steak, baked potato, green beans, corn, rolls and homemade ice cream) I was presented with yet another Mother's Day card and gift. Kaylea had chosen to give me a silver key ring with a heart charm. It is beautiful and I will carry it with pride.

Overall, I couldn't ask for a more perfect day. I spent it with the man that gave me my child and my beautiful daughter; both of whom I love more than life itself. It just doesn't get any better than this.


overtly trite said...

for as much as they drive you crazy(or as much C drives me crazy) kids are wonderful and amazing creatures-
glad you had a great day!!!!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day! Sounds like a lovely day.

And I am LOVING your music on your blog. Hubby and I have bee listening to Buffett for a long, long time! ;)