Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

From the day Kaylea was born, I knew that Bub was going to be the best dad any little girl could want. I remember waking from one of my many naps the night following Kaylea's birth and seeing Bub sitting in a chair with Kaylea sleeping on his chest. At that moment I saw my husband as a totally different person. Not only was he my husband; now, he was a Kaylea's father, as well.

He was always so attentive to her every need. He would bounce her on his shoulder in the evenings when she would get colicky. He would get up in the middle of the night to give her a bottle. He would wake up with her in the early morning hours and play with her while letting me sleep. He would play games of peek-a-boo; they would spend lots of time watching fishing; and normally Bub would engineer some type of stuffed toy pyramid which would mesmerized Kaylea for hours.

As Kaylea has grown, their relationship has not changed too much. Bub still plays with her and they love nothing more than camping out in the living room when I have BUNCO night. They play ball in the yard, jump on the trampoline and have Super Soaker wars.

In the future, as Kaylea becomes a young woman, I am sure their relationship will change. Kaylea will begin to have boyfriends and will become more interested in shopping and talking on the phone than rough housing and playing in the yard with her Dad. There is something, however, that I know with all certainty; Kaylea will always be a daddy's girl and Bub will always be there for her the same way he has for the past 9+ years.