Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Memory Like An Elephant - or maybe like a Kaylea

As I was reading Jamie's latest post at Blonde Mom Blog I was reminded of classic Kaylea story. I am so sorry that I forgot to post this one sooner. It is an oldy but goody.

As you know, I play BUNCO. I have been very fortunate to meet such a great group of girls and have the opportunity to cut-up and laugh with them each month. We always have a blast on BUNCO night and I especially like it when it is my turn to play hostess. Being the hostess involves me planning a menu and choosing some type of cocktail that complements the food and/or theme of the evening. Well, last year as I was preparing for the big night I was feverishly running all of my last minute errands which included picking Angel up from the groomers and going by the liquor store to get the libations needed for the cocktail du jour. When I got to the liquor store I told Kaylea to stay in the car with Angel and I would run in and out very quickly. I made sure that I had parked right in front of the store and I locked the car doors and told her not to open them for anyone but me. As promised, I was in and out very quickly and I went home to finish preparing for the party. All of this was so uneventful that, honestly, I didn't give any of it a second thought.

Well, let's fast forward oh, say, 6 months or so. Auntie M took Kaylea with her to pick Lulu and Mabel up from the vet. On the way home, Auntie had to stop at the grocery store to get something for dinner. Because it was the middle of summer, Auntie didn't want to shut the car off for fear that the dogs would overheat. So she pulled into the fire lane and parked without turning off the vehicle. She told Kaylea she was going to leave the car running and lock all of the doors and for Kaylea to stay in the car with the dogs. She warned Kaylea not to open the doors for anyone but her. Then Kaylea replied in a "yeah, I've heard all of this before" tone in her voice and said, "It's ok Aunt Missy. Mom ALWAYS leaves me and Angel alone in the car when she goes to the liquor store."

Imagine my shock when my sister came home and asked me to explain that one!


lifepundit said...

That's too funny. One trip to the liquor store and suddenly you're an alcoholic.

I thought Bunco was a game that Terry Pratchett (the author) made up. I didn't know it was real until I read your blog. Will have to look into Bunco, especially if the food and drinks are good.

overtly trite said...

you lush! :)
C happily told my father that I did not do something because I was just lazy-he did not get the whole mommy being sarcastic thing