Sunday, June 1, 2008

Let The Fun Begin!

Yes, by looking at our nifty countdown clock, you can see that our happy little family is at the beach. The week that had been "FOREVER" away is finally here.

Our "little" group is not so little, though. We are actually closer in appearance to one of those polygamist families with all the youngins. The happy family consists of Mr. Bob, Auntie M., Miss C (Mr. Bob's 16 year-old daughter), Vickster (Auntie M.'s 18 year-old niece), Bub, Me, Kaylea and SJ (Kaylea's 10 year-old cousin). I'm sure people look at us and try to figure out which kids belong to which adults. Oh well, "Keep em guessing." That's our family motto.

We arrived at Hilton Head yesterday afternoon after the longest car trip known to mankind. I'm quite sure that Kaylea and SJ thought we were taking them to the far side of the moon, as opposed to the beach. Heck, they probably think we are just pulling their leg at this point and they are somewhere in Idaho. You see, we haven't actually seen the ocean, yet. Yesterday when we got here, we had to unload and unpack, then there was dinner to eat. After dinner the girls went swimming in the pool while Auntie M and I went to the grocery store to buy all of the needed supplies for the condo. So, like I said, we could be playing a mean trick on them right now, and they would never know it. "Trust us, girls. We are at the beach. We promise."

Needless to say, we don't have any pictures to post, yet. But stay tuned; there will be some appearing shortly. Now, since I didn't come to the beach to sit in front of a computer and blog, I am going to excuse myself and go get ready for a day of fun in the sun!

Catch ya later!


Pappy & Grammy said...

Glad you arrived safely! I need PICS!