Friday, June 6, 2008

Savannah Smiles

Savannah was just as great as we last left it. I must say, however, it was very HOT!!! We all thought we were going to melt right there on River Street.

We took Auntie M's auto tour of Savannah. This consisted of us in one car, them in another car and speaker phones being used to communicate. Hey, what can I say? We are thrifty and it was HOT!!!

After our tour we walked down River Street and did a little shopping. Kaylea and SJ just HAD to have new shirts and chocolate gelato, although not in that order. Then all of the us girls got tattoos at the market. Finally, we ended our trek down River Street at Wet Willies. The girls enjoyed their Weak Willies, while the adults sipped on something a little stronger. The slushies were quite refreshing because it was sooooo HOT!!!

Next we were off to Tybee Island to climb the lighthouse and eat dinner at The Crabshack. By the time we got to the lighthouse we all had decided that a climb to the top was pretty much out of the question - you know, because it was HOT!!! I guess it was a good thing that we had made that decision because they sold the last tour tickets about 20 minutes prior to us arriving. We did, however, get to take some pictures of the lighthouse and snoop around in the gift shop. (Now, that's MY way to tour a lighthouse!)

Dinner at The Crab Shack was awesome. We sat outside amongst the palms and palmettos looking over the water and enjoying some fresh seafood. Well, Bub, Auntie M, Vickster and I enjoyed fresh seafood. The others decided to be land lubbers. While we were waiting for our meal the girls got to feed the alligators and SJ got to talk to her mom and dad while they looked at her on another Webcam. I think the only thing that could have made dinner any better would have been a big air conditioner. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention; it was really HOT!!!

We ended our day with the girls taking pedi-cab rides through Savannah. The pedi-cab drivers, or should I say peddlers, told them some ghost stories and pointed out some of the things that the tours don't include. Overall, a good time for them.

I guess the day was a hit. Everyone had fun and hopefully the girls learned a few things. Now, we are off to the pool and beach for our final day of vacation. I'm really going to miss this place, EVEN THOUGH IT IS SOOOOO HOT!!!!

Now you see why SJ and Kaylea just HAD to have new shirts.

Us girls getting our tattoos.

Tybee Island lighthouse - that's a lot of steps!

No, this isn't the alligator they fed.

Another tasty meal - seafood, YUMMO!

I guess we weren't the only ones that were HOT!!! At least we weren't advertising it, though ;)


Kaylea said...

im a 22 year old Kaylea and I think your Kaylea is adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing on the blog :)