Wednesday, July 9, 2008

20/25 - Hey We'll Take It

As I have written before, Kaylea suffers from Amblyopia. Her left eye decided it wanted to get "lazy" and left all of the work to be done by the right eye. Since 2006, we have been working with a phenomenal Pediatric Ophthalmologist trying to improve the vision in her left eye, before she reaches Visual Maturity ("VM") and her visual acuity becomes 'locked-in'. When we began this process, Kaylea's visual acuity in her left eye was 20/200 (she was legally blind in that eye). As of her check-up yesterday, her visual acuity in her left eye is 20/25. Just to give you perspective on how much of an improvement that is, here is an eye chart:

Now, we are trying to get one more line of improvement before she reaches VM, which normally happens sometime before a child reaches 10 years old. Seeing as Kaylea's 10th birthday is in September, we really have our backs against the wall. Hopefully, she hasn't reached VM, yet. But if she has, we will be pleased the progress she made.

As for Kaylea, she is just happy that the patching process is almost over and that she will be able to say goodbye to her glasses, very soon.


Pappy & Grammy said...

Kaylea, we know it has been a long and sometimes tough road for you with the "patches," but you hung in there (with a lot of encouragement) and did what the dr wanted you to do and have now achieved a 20/25. We are very proud of you! Keep going - you can make it!


Anna said...

That is INCREDIBLE! Who knew you could do that. It's like doing a work out for your eyes! You can do it...GO GIRL GO!