Saturday, July 12, 2008

Welcome to Skid Row

*****Warning, if you don't want to read about laundry, husbands, kids and skids, this isn't the post for you*****

Several weeks ago as Kaylea and I were doing laundry we stumbled upon a pair of Bub's underwear that had a lot of brownish black marks all over them. I mean ALL OVER THEM (they were more brown than white). At first glance, it looked like there had been some sort of explosion in or around them. But, I was quite sure if he had made a mess of that nature in his drawers there would have been a wrecked car, paramedics, savage animals, paranormal experiences, crazed psychopaths or something of the sort involved. So, since I had not heard him speak of any of the above mentioned horrific events, I assumed the stains were not what was originally suspected.

When he got home from work that evening, Kaylea was quick to give him the inquisition about his underoos. She was just certain that her daddy had skids and she was ready to tease him unmercifully. Unfortunately, Bub explained away the stains by telling us that he had used the underwear to clean his work boots. (He is frequently on construction sites and his boots are always covered in dust and dirt). Too bad for Kaylea, she wasn't going to get the opportunity to razz her Daddy.

Now, let's fast forward to last night. I was doing laundry, AGAIN! As I was folding the white cloths I found a pair of Kaylea's panties that were a little (how should I say this?) streaked inside. I took them to her and asked, "Um hum, was there a problem?" Without skipping a beat she looked up at me and said, "No, I used them to clean my boots!"

I thought I would fall over I laughed so hard.


Vegmom said...

Oh! That is way too funny! ha ha

Pappy & Grammy said...

That's Grammy's Girl! Love Ya!