Friday, July 18, 2008

Kaylea is a Martha Stewart in the making...

Yes, I have a mini-Martha at my house. Kaylea loves to cook; I can't get her out of the kitchen when I am preparing a meal. She, also, loves to decorate; she is constantly rearranging the items in her room or the pictures in the living room (and of course I am OCD enough that I have to change them back). And now she has developed a love for Crafts and Crafting. She is attending an Arts and Crafts camp this week at one of our local churches and they have the kids doing all kinds of crafts. She has learned how to weave; she made an ink stamp by carving a block of wood; she made sun art; and the list goes on and on.

I am very excited about Kaylea's latest love because I, too, love to make crafts. I lack the creativity to come up with ideas on my own, but I can copy almost anything (with the exception of knitting/crocheting).

Next week, Kaylea will return for the second session of Mrs. Jackie's Art Camp. She is really excited about that one, as well. Not too much crafting going on there, but definitely a lot of art mediums being used.

I suppose I need to close for now. Mini-Martha and I have to get ready for our dinner party.

To Do List:

  1. Pick cotton to weave for table linens
  2. Gather bees wax to make our candles
  3. Kill and clean the chicken for Coq Au Vin
  4. Pick and stomp the grapes to make the wine
  5. Gather fresh vegetables from the garden
  6. Pick apples for the pie
  7. Milk the cow to make whipped cream and butter


Pappy & Grammy said...

Hey girl! You are very talented. Keep up the good work. Now, Grammy has a kit to make a basket - would you please help me?