Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Now Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Blogging

It would appear that Curiously Kaylea is back from its summer reprieve. Honestly, I have been a total slacker with all of the Blogs. I don't know why, but I just can't seem to get the story-telling juices flowing. I think I am cracking under the pressure - ha ha.

Kaylea and I were out of town last week and it was pretty much an uneventful week. Well, with the exception of Kaylea getting her first ever UTI. Boy, that was fun. I took her to a walk-in clinic on Monday afternoon and they gave her a prescription for antibiotics. I figured the symptoms would be easing off by Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday, at the latest. Afterall, that is how fast the antibiotics work when she has strep throat. But, oh no, we were still contending with the symptoms on Thursday when we were returning home. Yes, having a child with a UTI on a 5 hour car ride is more fun than humans should be allowed to have. All I can say is, thank goodness for AZO. It was a life saver. Had we not used the AZO, we would probably still be stuck in a bathroom somewhere in Georgia, right now.

This week we both are being a little lazy. Seeing as we only have two weeks until school starts, we better get the lazies out of our systems. We won't have time for nonsense such as this much longer.


Anna said...

Does school start for her on Monday too?! I'm glad you're back...

Jennilu said...

No, she goes back on the 18th. :)