Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weird Pride!!!!

Last night Kaylea and I ate dinner at popular little local Mexican restaurant. For our meal we ordered our regular favorites. Kaylea got 2 soft tacos - meat and cheese ONLY, please, and I ordered the chicken chimichanga. And of course, we had to indulge in the chips, salsa and cheese dip while we were waiting for our meals. When our dinners arrived, I coaxed Kaylea into trying a bite of my chimi. She was less than impressed and I couldn't figure out why. She likes chicken; she likes cheese; she likes four tortillas; and she likes anything fried. So what was there not to like. She never could tell me exactly why she didn't like it; just that she didn't like it.

So the following conversation ensued:
Me: "Do you like it?"
Kaylea: "Yea, it's ok."
Me: "Then why aren't you eating it?"
Kaylea: "Well, it's not THAT good."
Me: "What don't you like about it?"
Kaylea: "I dunno."
Me: "There is nothing in there that you don't like. It should be a new favorite."
Kaylea: "Well, it's NOT."

Me: "You know, your weird!"
Kaylea: "Yea, I know! And I am proud of that!"
Me: "Well Baby, that's you, so own it!"