Saturday, March 8, 2008

Stat Counter Is A Wonderful Thing

I just wanted to share with our viewing audience some of the funny and weird statistics from our little Blog. You see, I set up StatCounter, a tracker / statistic thingy on Curiously Kaylea when I started the Blog. Basically, for those non-Bloggers out there, this tool allows me to see all sorts of statistics about who has been on the Blog. It lets me know the I.P. address of the person visiting; the city and state of the I.P. server they are using; the time of their visit; and the best part, how they found our Blog.

A lot of you find us because I know you and I gave you the Blog address. Others end up here because they see a link to Curiously Kaylea on another blog. So far, I can thank the following Blogs for adding us to their Blog Roll and sending readers our way: The House of Flying Monkeys; The Three Miracles; Overtly Trite and Not In Front of the Children. Additionally, I have found that a lot of readers end up on Curiously Kaylea because they have Googled a topic and we show up in the results. These Google searches crack me up sometimes. I just can't get over what people look for on the Internet. For example:

  • Someone Googled, "school thumbs" ???? What?????? And this is where they landed when they hit Curiously Kaylea. For some reason, I don't think we were what they were looking for.

  • Someone Googled, "Tah Dah". Why would you Google this? Hopefully, we had just the Tah Dah information they wanted. Ya think?

  • Then, someone Googled, "Fashionista Sayings". I really doubt that this person wanted to read about Kaylea's closet; how 'bout you?

Then there are the reoccurring searches that send people to our little corner of the Internet. Our most frequent Google referrals come from the following searches:

  • Lazy Eye / Amblyopia (I am hopeful that our story has helped others!)

  • Science Fair Projects (I wonder how many have copied Kaylea's project?)

  • Needs vs. Wants (I hope our post was everything The New York State Office of Mental Health was looking for.)

  • Hey Kool Aid (Sorry folks, no Kool Aid pictures here. Maybe I should add one so their search wouldn't be in vain.)

Like I said, these are just humorous and fascinating to me. The Internet has such a vast amount of information and I am always surprised when I see that people from Spain, Dubai, Thailand, Africa, Germany and many other countries have been on our Blog. It is neat to be able to see how they ended up here.

Then of course there was that person from China that Googled "Camel Toe" and found this post of ours. Undoubtedly, we were in NO WAY what they were looking for. But, rather than assume that she/he was a perv or a freak, I like to think they were researching some sort of hoof fungus. People Google the darnedest things!!!!!!


Memommy said...

Of course everyone wants to know about our curious little girl. I am sure she entertains everyone around the world, not excluding us.

nobody said...

I added one to mine as well and I love checking to see the odd places and phrases that are bringing people in

Molly said...

I've gotten some really odd search terms on my statcounter too. It's always fun to check it.